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I simply dislike my style

2011-08-03 01:28:41 by zkp0s

Ahh... I was going to work with an artist but someone won me. I said that with frustation beacuse my game desings are overcomplicated and somewhat unoriginal. Any way... making new game wich will be bigger than any project I have made before, using haXe :D . But I am bemused of my art style (wich it is not so crappy), it looks so.... umm.....

I simply dislike my style


2011-08-01 03:40:43 by zkp0s

Next game bout a penguin.


Game build Updated

2011-07-12 02:58:30 by zkp0s

Suggestions welcome.

Slow progress

2011-07-08 02:34:01 by zkp0s

The game was just barely tested for school project, and so I am polishing abit to relase it. Not a incredible game, but if you really want to see a preview (ignore the tutorial because is outdated and in spanishe) go here

It is a puzzle game in wich you have to use the operators (the boxes with symbols) in order to attain certain objetive described at the start of the level using the input a a source of numbers and the output to send your results.

suggestions and even proposed levels are welcome (although I doubt there will be any suggestion/etc ): )

kind of finished

2011-06-11 00:50:31 by zkp0s

I got my game fisnished for school poject, but I sill have to tranlate it into english and add more levels to publish it here.

Argh! approching deadline

2011-04-26 22:35:06 by zkp0s

Argh!, the deadline for my game is approaching. It is a school project and is scheduled to be delivered in two weeks. I hope I will have it finished soon, and also I hope to have the determination to work on it.

If only as3 had enums and pattern matching. It is boring to death to code repetitive and clumsy code. Or there is another way. Perhaps.

Argh! approching deadline


2011-04-26 14:52:24 by zkp0s

«While at a conference a few weeks back, I spent an interesting evening with a grain of salt»

Shaping up th game

2011-04-20 16:46:16 by zkp0s

The game has the appearance of a game now ( to some extent, I'm not a designer ), I remembered how messy can get if you mix in a lot of code in the time line. Now working in the game logic.
Also thinking in a new name.

Shaping up th game

something strange

2011-04-18 18:36:54 by zkp0s

do you notice something which is very odd in the picture?

something strange

Hate medals

2011-04-18 16:49:37 by zkp0s

I simply hate medals