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Teh firts game

2011-04-17 16:21:24 by zkp0s

I'm making my first actual game in flash, provisionally named logic. I think i will spend two weeks to complete it

Teh firts game

Open source and free software

2011-04-16 02:43:38 by zkp0s

I find os/fs getting me on a dilema. While I like all the ideas and the "free-ness" of the software, it just find licences like GPL pretty much rendering any profit evadable. I might be wrong, but really, how you can generate money if you MUST provide your code.
In some companies instead of selling the main software, they sell maintenance and extensions, a smart approach. But in the flash world I think it is not too smart if you want money (even if you put ads, cause with the source they can be redirected or removed).

What do you think?